BRITE RIDE : The Cyclists Training Studio

Located at More Bikes, 1856 West 4th avenue, Vancouver

It's Time to Ride...

It's Time to Ride...


Brite Ride, plain and simple, is high quality cycling coaching done indoors.  It is the training that real cyclists do during the winter months to build strength, power and endurance for the coming season. The riders that attend our classes are real cyclists who are passionate about their sport.

Here is what we know to be true. You can train alone. You can train on Zwift. You can ride in your garage or living room or cubby hole. You can do all that isolated work. Until you can't. Brite Ride is an indoor cycling program offered in the heart of Kitsilano targeting cyclists, triathletes and mountain bikers during the cool and wet months. We are not intended to replace all your other bike training. We are here to support you with a different stimulus on the bike surrounded by other people also looking for the same benefit. 

Training with others is not about "motivation", it's about gratification, experience and fulfillment. Humans are social beings and when deprived of social interaction, we get stale and flat. Let Brite Ride provide you with a social connection that guarantees physical fringe benefits. We will leave an impression on your athletic avatar if you let us carry some of your training duties. The fact of the matter is that most of time, athletes train better together. Not all the time but most of the time. 

15 Good Things to Know about Brite Ride

  1. Winter Only Program. Then you take your fitness and hit the road! 
  2. Brite Ride caters to the training athlete. Brite Ride is coached by professionals who understand the sport of cycling from all aspects of performance. 
  3. Located in the heart of Kits at More Bikes, 1856 West 4th avenue.
  4. 10-15 weekly rides. Early mornings, evenings and Saturdays. Classes are scheduled to accommodate the working athletes - early mornings, evenings and weekends.
  5. Registration is a must and happens here. You can waitlist but confirmation is fun.
  6. Each workout has purpose, focus, intention and creativity from the coach.
  7. Each week has purpose, focus, intention and context within the training block.
  8. Bikes, towels, music, coaches and a curated experience are provided. 
  9. Water bottle, cycling shorts and SPD cleated cycling shoes are riders responsibility.
  10. Combine #8 & #9 = #teamwork
  11. Impromptu indoor rides may be scheduled on any given snowy Sunday. Stay tuned and stay connected.
  12. Parking. Plenty.
  13. Be early. Set up always takes longer than you think. 
  14. Questions - or 
  15. We will take care of you no matter where you are at in your cycling fitness or training cycle. We will meet you where you are at. 


Brite Ride is introducing a new indoor performance bike to the west coast: STAGE by Louis Garneau. Equipped with power measurement, cadence, HR, time and speed. Seat height and handlebars are fully adjustable to achieve your optimum riding position.


Head Coaches and Program Founders: David Gerth & Christine Fletcher. David & Christine periodize the blocks of trainings and work closely with each coach to ensure we all deliver consistent experiences filled with quality awesomeness and engaging training sessions yet in keeping with our unique personalities.

Talented Coaches

A cast of coaches like this is hard to come by. It really is. Brite Ride is honoured to have our coaches lead, design, carve and play with tools and tricks they have acquired over the years as top notch endurance athletes. The best coaches come with real world experience in the trenches. Believe us, this lot has been in the trenches. Some are still digging their way out. You will learn more about each coach and get to know them well. In the meantime, a good ol' nickname says a lot! (and we are willing to rename throughout the season):

  • Liz Cullen aka The Smooth Operator
  • Dan Schmit aka The Pressure Point
  • Jeff O'Connell aka The Velvet Hammer
  • Dylan Davies aka The Messenger
  • Sherwood Plant aka The Bow-Tie

What to Bring

  • Cycling Shoes with SPD cleats. The spd cleats look like these:
  • As much as we would like to accommodate all pedal types, we ask that everyone comes equipped with the appropriate shoes to avoid pedal swapping.  
  • Cycling Shorts
  • Water Bottle
  • Recovery Fuel (unless you plan on hitting a local coffee shop after!)
  • Dry clothing for post ride 
  • Small Towels are provided by us to all riders


  • Drop In: $22.00
  • 5 Rides: $105.00
  • 10 Rides: $200.00
  • 15 Rides: $285.00
  • 20 Rides: $360.00
  • + GST
  • All passes expire in a year so you have plenty of time to use them up!


Brite Ride Indoor Cycling segments our winter training program in 3 training blocks. Each day of the week has a specific focus within the training block. If you are considering coming 2 times a week, we recommend spreading your rides out by at least 2 or 3 days depending on how much additional training your are doing during the week. If you have any questions about how to plan your training with Brite Ride, please speak to one of our coaches.  

Training Block #1: November 6th to December 18th. This will be a 7-week training block focusing on adaptation, strength, endurance, leg speed and efficiency. The Holiday Assault - Two weeks of solid training to de-stress from the holidays and tackle all energy systems. The schedule will be abridged of these two weeks to accommodate life, celebrations and holidays. DONE!!

Training Block #2: January 8th to February 26th. This will be an 8-week training block carrying forward the strength and endurance focus however adding in more time spent at threshold and sustaining power. Riders will enjoy the fitness gains built in the Fall and early winter to work now tax their V02Max and Anaerobic Capacity along with their mental game as lead by the Brite Ride coaches. 

Training Block #3: March 5th to April 30th. Our final training block is 9 weeks in length. This block will be the most fun as riders will be preparing for race season and getting antsy to feel the road again. Workouts will always carry forward strength and endurance however this is time to work accelerations and race specific scenarios. Rides will use visualization, simulations and specific workout structures to prepare the athletes for the road, be it in road cycling, triathlon, mountain biking or multi-day cycling events.

You will leave Brite Ride feeling prepared, refined and ready to take on the open road. 


The Brite schedule has been largely the same since day one when we began in 2014. Please check the MindBody registration page for schedule modifications and coaches. On occasion, we encourage athletes to ride double classes when they are looking to get in more volume. This must be considered carefully as our rides have significant intensity. Too much, too often and for too long can lead to deep fatigue. Our goal is to make you fit and fast not fit and flat. 

Tuesday & Fridays - Parts & Labour. We will get to the details on these days. Expect to work it out today. Structured intervals with specific objectives. Always feels good to ride on purpose. These rides will tap into the anaerobic zone using short but intense efforts of 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Typically the session is crafted based on high repetition with limited recovery time between sets. The legs might burn by the end! Short burst sprint intervals up to all-out effort, with high repetition and short recovery time. Riders will benefit from improved anaerobic capacity, explosive power, top end speed, acceleration and higher cadence.

Wednesdays - Its Leg Day. Going deep into the legs. These rides will develop leg strength with efforts around FTP. Muscle recruitment is maximized with a variety of RPM and tension. Riders will want a protein smoothie when this ride is done. Riders will benefit from improving aerobic capacity, lactate threshold, strength, climbing ability and pedalling efficiency.

Thursdays - Raise the Hoist. Feel the intensity. The “kitchen sink” is our absolute favourite workout, and it's great for everyone. It works all the energy systems, riders get to go big, and "come home" with that wonderful feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that all cyclists know. The goal of this workout is to address all the different energy systems needed for successful racing/performance. We want you fatigued and tired, having pushed yourself a little harder and farther than before. Always recoverable. 

Saturdays - Long Haul. Longer session with a focus on endurance, enduring, sustaining, mental focus and position. Riders will play above and below threshold for moderate stints. There will be some moderate, some medium and some mad efforts but always a reason and always recoverable. The main objective is to build sustainable power as efficiently and steadily as possible. Bring an extra water bottle. Many riders ride both classes on a Saturday to get in quantity and quality.


Definitely jump on the waitlist. We will email you if you get in! Many people change their plans the night before so there is always hope.


If you cancel your reservation with more than 18 hours notice, you may apply your purchase to a future booking. Any late cancellations, within 18 hours of the class, are not refundable.

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