TRAIN SMART, CONQUER GOALS. Led by Christine Fletcher, Coach to Spirited Ultra-Endurance Athletes

Christine Fletcher

Christine is the founder and head coach of Brite Coaching as well as a professional triathlete specializing in long course events. A McGill University graduate of Exercise Science, Training Peaks Certified, USAT Certified Coach, an ex-Professional cyclist, avid skate skier and 33-time Ironman (6 times at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships), Christine breathes participation into everything she does. Her resume of race experiences is endless including 10km, half & full marathons and ultras, adventure racing, major USA & Canadian cycling races (Redlands, Columbia Plateau, Tours, etc) and all distances of triathlon.

In the fall of 2014, Christine began an indoor cycling program for cyclists, triathletes and mountain bikers. The success of the program spun off into specialized training camps, beginner workshops and women’s only cycling programs. Despite continuing to race herself, Christine is focused on the growth of Brite Coaching and extending its reach of services to new and  avid athletes. Prior to Brite Coaching, Christine worked in marketing, sponsorship and fundraising before joining her family’s sporting good business for 15 years. 

"Having completing over 34 Ironman events and 50+ Half Ironman & Olympic races, my pursuit of the ultimate human potential drives me. When I set goals I do everything I can to achieve them. This focus and energy is how I coach.  The first step is getting to know the athlete as both an individual and a competitor. I do everything I can to learn & understand what it takes to bring out the very best in athletes I coach. Over the years I have been coached by some of the sports top coaches from Joel Filliol (Elite Coach), Julie-Anne White (Top Pro Ironman Athlete, Paul Cross, Barb & Larry Zimich (Professional Masters Cyclists), Brian MacDonald, Kevin Purcell, Clint Lien, Peter Reid, Jasper Blake (Ironman Champion), Dr. Ben Sporer (Exercise Physiologist). I have worked with Sports Nutritionists, Biomechanists, Sports Medicine Doctors, Sports Therapists and Sports Psychologists. They all played an important role in shaping how I now share this invaluable knowledge with my athletes to be the best they can be." CONTACT:


  1. 35-time IRONMAN Competitor (18 years as a Professional)
  2. Raced 6x in the World Championship Hawaii Ironman (4x as a professional)
  3. Ironman Mont Tremblant 70.3 2nd Female, 1st F45-49
  4. Wildflower Overall Female AG Champion 2018
  5. Lake Sonoma 50 Ultra, 9th Female
  6. Ironman Canada 2013, 4th Place & 2014, 6th Place
  7. Half Ironman Vancouver 2013, 4th Place
  8. Half Ironman Oliver 2013, 1st Place
  9. Skate Ski Loppet (50km), Washington, 1st Place
  10. Skate Ski Loppet (30km), Whistler Olympic Park, 4th Place
  11. Rev 3 Venice Florida 2012, 8th Place
  12. Ironman Muskoka 70.3 2012, 5th Place
  13. Ironman Timberman 70.3 2012, 4th Place
  14. Vancouver Olympic Triathlon 2012, 1st Place
  15. Subaru Olympic Triathlon 2012, 1st Place
  16. Oliver Sprint Triathlon 2012, 1st Place
  17. Ironman Honu 70.3 2011, 3rd Place
  18. Ironman Lake Stevens 2011, 12th Place
  19. Subaru Victoria Half Ironman 2010, Champion
  20. Ironman Boise 70.3 2010, 4th Place
  21. Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 2011, 4th Place
  22. Ironman Miami 70.3 2010, 8th Place
  23. Ironman Syracuse 70.3 2010, 8th Place
  24. Desert Half Ironman Champion 2011
  25. Ironman Arizona 2009, 10th Place
  26. Ironman Coeur D'Alene 2009, 8th Place
  27. Ironman Austin 70.3 2009, 8th Place
  28. Ironman Lake Placid 2009, 11th Place
  29. Ironman California 70.3 2008, 2009, 2010
  30. Ironman Canada 2007, 11th place
  31. Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens, 7th place
  32. Oliver Half Ironman 2007, Champion
  33. Ironman Arizona 2007, 6th place
  34. Ironman 70.3 Baja 2006, 8th place
  35. Ironman Coeur D’Alene 2006, 10h place
  36. Ironman Canada 2005, 3rd place
  37. Ironman Canada 2004, 8th
  38. Desert Half Ironman Champion 2005
  39. New Balance Half Ironman Champion 2004
  40. Columbia Plateau Champion 2004
  41. Female Triathlete of the Year 2003 by Triathlon BC Columbia
  42. Female Triathlete of the Year 2003 by Triathlon Canada
  43. Inside Triathlon Magazine’s top North American age-group performer
  44. Provincial Triathlon Age Group Champion ‘03
  45. National Triathlon Age Group Champion ‘03
  46. World Triathlon Championships (New Zealand) ‘03, 4th



USAT Certified Triathlon Coach, Britni Bakk, has been training, racing and coaching in endurance sport for most of her life.  Her experience is predominantly in working with endurance athletes across all disciplines since her young years in the Yukon and university days at U of Saskatchewan. From track to cross country running, cycling, swimming and triathlon, Britni brings a wealth of knowledge as it relates to athlete development and performance execution to Brite Coaching. Having close to 30 Ironman’s under her own belt with 10 visits to the World Championships in Hawaii and countless other triathlon distances to her name, her on course experience is second to none. Not only do her skills include an in-depth understanding of power-based training on the bike and pace/effort in the run and swim but she also has an extensive knowledge base in nutrition and fuelling the body for performance. She will help you be a star.




From his days racing as a Cat 1 and on Louis Garneau's team, Garneau Evolution, to completing the Tour of America's Dairyland, to riding as a team leader on Langlois Brown Racing, David has competed in more than 400 races. In short, he knows his way around a peleton.  At this stage in his career, he is ready to share his vaste cycling knowledge with others and help athletes take their time on the bike to the next level. Often we will hear David explain an effort as: "It's not only that I don't want you to not talk but I don't want you to see during the effort."  Coaching comes naturally David from years of racing in the trenches after preparing his own body to performance. David is a student of the sport - history, statistics, dynamics, strategy, power development, the mind and how all things elements come together with a massive emphasis on enjoying the process and hurting for a good cause. 

David's coaching style relates to beginners and elites alike. Whether you are a developing rider or advanced, David will bring your skills and fitness to the next level. If Road Racing, Gran Fondo, Crits, Stage Racing, Time Trials or Cyclocross are on your list of goals for the season, David has ridden that road/trail. 

Among his favourite accolades within his 12-year race history are winning the Race the Ridge (2013), racing Superweek (6 different times!), and taking 3rd at the 2014 Whistler Gran Fondo (with several other wins at smaller, local races peppered in for good measure). He is coming off a very successful year in the Masters division taking 3rd at Nationals on June 11th, 2017.

David took to his aero bars in 2003 and, despite “sucking at swimming and running,” ventured into the world of triathlon. After a hiatus from triathlon, David will be toeing the line at Ironman Canada 2017.

As an added bonus, David is also an owner of Continental Repairs on West 4th, so whether it’s the wheel on your Cervelo, or the tire on your Audi, he can likely help you out. You can read his bike and car musings here: 



Liz brings over 15 years triathlon racing experience having done her first triathlon in 2003. While loving all distances, she specializes in the full and half Ionman distances with impressive results at both. Liz gave up her "day job" as a sales analyst to pursue her dream of coaching.  She uses her analytical skills towards athletic data.   While she may be an NCCP trained triathlon coach and a certified indoor cycling instructor, it is her ability to "show up" for training rides with purposeful workouts that cater to a pro or a beginner. Liz transitions her coaching talent from indoor to outdoors as well as to athletes on an individual basis. She is real, she is grounded, she races and she will make you a kick butt athlete.

Nordic and downhill skier, runner, mountain biker, triathlete, sailor and all around cool chick with a personable disposition and heart of gold, Liz makes every training session worth showing up to. Also a sponsored Bike Tech athlete. 



Hilary Spires - web res - _I0A1048.jpg

Hilary is an avid trail runner who believes with the right coaching even the biggest goals become possible. She grew up as an elite hockey player and found that she had a fascination with peak performance in sport since she was just a kid. She studied diet, warm up, sleep, pre-game routines and mental prep looking for patterns to isolate what works, and what doesn't. It's discovering that magic and passing it on to others that keeps her excited about her job, hobby and lifestyle. She finished her hockey career in the National Women's Hockey League and NCAA and jumped into the world of endurance. Having run multiple road races, ironman70.3 and ironman triathlons, she found her true passion in the mountains running ultra-marathons  As a coach, she specializes in the physical and mental toughness needed to get through the big endurance events. She is also an NSCA certified personal trainer and believes strength training is key to long term success in the trails. 

Hilary B roll - web res - _I0A1088.jpg

Highlights of her athletic career include:

  • Successfully running 100 miles in under 24 hours for Kidsport Vancouver
  • Trail Races: 5km to 60km - multiple podium finishes
  • Road Races: 5km to marathons - multiple podium finishes
  • Ironman all world athlete
  • Western Canada Championships muay thai gold medal 
  • Western Canada Championships jiu jitsu gold medal 
  • Vancouver international no gi jiu jitsu open gold medal 
  • Team BC women’s hockey captain  
  • NCAA women’s hockey 
  • CIS women’s hockey assistant captain


In 2003, Jen bought her first road bike, a used steel Bianchi, as a way to train for triathlon. She joined a cycling club as a way to train and started racing the local criteriums, which she found thrilling. Since then, she has acquired a bike for and raced every cycling discipline, but she enjoys road and track the most. Races that are short and fast are great for spectators and competitors alike. This year she is racing for Continental Crit Nasty, and she'll be at all the local criterium and track races, so be sure to say hi.





  • 2015 Spring Series C women's omnium 1st
  • 2015 Spring Series women's criterium 2nd
  • 2015 Tour de Bloom criterium 3rd
  • 2015 Spring Series C open Murchie road race 5th
  • 2014/2015 Feature Friday omnium: 2nd
  • 2014 Prince Tomohito Grand Prix UCI level 3 track race 2nd in Individual pursuit, 4th in omnium
  • 2014 Japan Track Cup II UCI level 1 track race 11th in omnium
  • 2013 Pitt Polder Time Trial 3rd
  • 2012 WTNC 2nd overall


JEFF Werner 

Jeff is a rouleur with 12 years of road racing experience and 20 years of riding hard winters, hot summer criteriums, and mountain passes of BC. Between a junior career with the Victoria Wheelers, the BC Provincial Team, and trade teams from Acheson & Co. to Garneau and, now, Langlois Brown Racing, Jeff completed a B.Des at Emily Carr University and a BA in journalism from the University of Victoria. He's bike toured extensively around the province, to Mexico (twice), and across the Philippines and Indonesia. Racing took him as far as the Tour de l'Abitibi, the Tour de Beauce, and the Tour of Rwanda, and he still stacks up wins in Cat 1 crits from Enumclaw to Race the Ridge. He operates cycling accessory company Local Knowledge.