Brite Coaching offers indoor cycling in the heart of Vancouver. Rides are coached by experienced cyclists, seasoned athletes and expert cycling coaches.  Each indoor ride taxes different energy systems with invaluable and transferable benefits to the outdoors.

Brite uses a fleet of Keiser M3+ fully adjustable stationary bikes. Cadence, time, HR, power and speed are all displayed on the console. All you need are your cycling shoes with SPD cleats (or running shoes), shorts, a full water bottle and your willingness to get’er done. Towels provided. Schedule posted on MindBody



Located just west of Cambie Street bridge on the westside. Windows over looking the ocean and glorious sailboat in Leg-In-Boot Square. Exact address is 672 Leg In Boot Square, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4B4. Ride are next door to the CrossFit Gym. Ample parking is located across the street (paid lot) and street parking. Of course we also encourage you to ride your bike. We will safely store it for you in the gym.


Anticipate a lot of sweat, cadence work, positional cues and learning how stay focused in a comfortable yet powerful position on your bike. The tunes will roar, the steam will rise as we progressively flirt with sustained efforts that awaken your neuromuscular system and satisfy your desire to feel the burn.  No matter how hard we ride, we will always be in touch with efficiency, posture, breathing and form. Herein lies the beauty and power of riding inside. 


  • Each ride includes a warm up, interval set and cool down, accompanied with awesome tunes and a rad attitude.
  • Riders select their bike from a fleet of Keiser M3 Plus (with bluetooth technology) stationary bikes. Each bike is equipped with display screens featuring: ride time, power/watts, RPM (cadence), distance, heart rate and gearing.
  • Seat height and handlebars are fully adjustable to achieve your optimum riding position. ARRIVE EARLY TO SET UP YOUR BIKE!
  • Riders can either use cycling shoes to “clip-in” to the pedals, or running shoes. If using cycling shoes (recommended), please use an SPD compatible cleats.
  • Bikes are equipped with professional road bike saddles for assimilation to riding a road/mountain bike.
  • Fresh workout towels and filtered water provided.


  • Workouts are progressive. The 8-week training block is designed to build a foundation for cycling fitness and reinforce proper cycling technique and positioning. Riders can easily transfer these honed skills and improved fitness to the road or trails. Each class offers a spectrum of intensities in order to meet the unique needs of each rider.
  • We encourage you to sign up for the entire 8-week training block to not only guarantee a bike in each class but also benefit from the progressive training plan.
  • Drop-ins are always welcome, though be sure to reserve your bike ahead of time HERE.


First Training Block - General Conditioning: Weeks October 5th to November 23rd (closed Monday October 12th)

Second Training Block - Aerobic Strength: Weeks November 30th to February 7th. Holiday Training Block inserted from Dec 21st to Jan 3rd (closed December 24th-26th and December 31st - January 2nd).

Third Training Block - Aerobic Strength & Sustained Power: Weeks February 9th to April 3rd.

Fourth Training Block - Sustained Power & Anaerobic Development: Weeks April 4th to May 20th. 


  • Cycling shorts and wickable sport top (cycling jersey’s are common)
  • SPD Compatible cycling shoes (or running shoes)
  • Heart Rate Monitor (if possible). Keiser is compatible with Polar HR straps. Bring your own HR monitor if not Polar compatible.
  • Water bottle
  • Change of clothes for post workout
  • Post workout fuel (coffee shop next door too!)
  • Sweat Towels, Music and incredible coaching are provided!


First Timers: if you or a group of your friends have never ridden nor been to an indoor cycling class before, Ride will customize a class just for you. Coaches will teach you positioning on a bike, common cycling terms, pedal stroke mechanics and how our workouts translate to the road. Custom classes are by appointment only.

Team/Club & Youth Rides: Ride would love to host Team workouts with specific racing goals and training objectives in mind. We will structure workouts and progressive training sessions to the team’s training program. Please contact us directly for more information on all specialty classes.


  • Step 1 – Set-up your account on MindBody.
  • Step 2 – Purchase the pricing package most suitable to you
  • Step 3 – Sign in to all the classes you would like to attend (MindBody gives you the option to sign into recurring sessions). You always have the ability to cancel or change classes within 18 hours before the class.
  • Step 4 – Please check your email for a welcome note and confirmation of your Ride78 schedule!
  • Step 5 – Questions? Please fill out the form below.