The Charrette Duffey Lake Ride

A group ride up the infamous Duffey Lake Road

Pemberton, BC - Saturday, August 26th, 2017

On behalf of the Brite Coaches, we would like to invite you to join our 2nd annual Duffey Lake cycling excursion now aptly named The Charrette. The ride will leave The Gerth's Cabin in Birken, head towards Mt Currie then straight up Duffey Lake Road to the summit (Joffre Lake).

For this of you wondering what "charrette" means...

A charrette is an intense period of work, design, planning activity usually with a deadline. 

Trust us when we say that climbing the Duffey Lake Road will be an intense period of activity. Planning will come into play as you pace (or lack thereof), muscle (decimation) and grunt (loudly) your way up the mountain on a narrow and windy road. 

Strava file from 2016: 


  • Saturday, August 26th (2 weeks before the Fondo).
  • Departing from The Gerth's at 10:00a.m. sharp. 
  • Its very important that you load the directions to the cabin prior to leaving Pemberton as you will loose wifi as you head towards Birken*(below). 
  • Ride time is approximately 4-5 hours return.
  • Riding 27 or 28 cassette in recommended.

Charrette Fee:

  • $20.00 - aside from an entertaining day of riding with your buddies, this tix gets you a beer and bbq at Coaches David & Jennifer Gerth amazing Birken based cabin. The ride will also have SAG support provided by 

Not Included:

  • Accommodations 
  • Ride snacks

Accommodation Options:

If you would like to stay over night either before or after the ride, the following cabins are perfectly appointed for this event.


What You Will need to Bring:

  • Clothing/food/equipment
  • Change of clothes for post ride
  • SAG will be available along the way to drop a jacket or collect one if the temps are cool. 


SAVE these directions to your phone, because you will lose reception 20 minutes before the cabin!

While it is pretty straight forward to get there, it is very easy to miss the driveway, and there isn't a lot to go on to find it, and we are 20 minutes away from cell service.

First off, the co-ordinates of the driveway are pretty much:

50.481845, -122.614155

So that's what your GPS is looking for.

Cabin is across from the Whispering Falls Resort.

Google maps directions to that:,-122.7979353/Whispering+Falls+Resort,+9192+Pemberton+Portg,+D'Arcy,+BC+V0N+1L0/@50.3653911,-122.7482319,11z/data=!4m9!4m8!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x5480bc1a2db9df2f:0xc70c107d87c5c3b!2m2!1d-122.614604!2d50.481532!3e0?hl=en 

Here are directions:

1. Drive To Pemberton. It's 30 minutes north of Whistler.

2. Once in Pemberton, you will see a Petro Can on your left and a Mcdonalds on your right with a Husky station built onto it. You are going straight. Left takes you into Downtown Pemberton if you need groceries or beer or something.

3. You will follow this road (called 99/Portage road) for 32km without having to make any turns or stops.

4. On your way there you will pass through a small Reserve village called Mount Currie. Slow down to 30km/h in this area. Watch for wild horses on the road.

5. You will see the turn off to Lillooet. Ignore it. Do not turn right.

6. The drive from Pemberton to the cabin it takes between 30-40 minutes. It's a windy road with good pavement. At the 30km mark you will see a lake on your right hand side. The road is a bit rough here and the drop to the lake is far, so drive carefully. 

7. The cabin is on the left hand side. Right before the driveway (on the left hand side) is another driveway that leads to a rancher style house with a green metal roof. The driveway is next: narrower and very steep. Park anywhere at the top. It is across the street from the Whispering falls Resort, which has a big sign about cabins for rent.