Team Dixie Devils


Brite Coaching is very proud to partner with the Team Dixie Devil for the 2019 Season as the coaching expertise for the women associated with the brand. Dixie Devil is a women's only multi-sport brand that seeks to merge fashion and fun with technical and functional designs. Our official launch took place in Kona at the World Ironman Championships whereby we strutted down the famous Ali'i Drive in Dixie Devil bikini's and swimwear, pink visors and oh so darn cute fanny packs. 

Many of Brite female athletes have applied to join the Dixie Devil ambassador program for 2019 represented by women around the world connecting and connected through the sport of triathlon. For many women, whether they are mothers, career-driven, retired, multi-taskers extraordinaire, having an affiliation with others in similar positions creates an inlet and outlet to share and, thankfully, is the avenue through which we are connected. 

Brite Coaching is both honoured and thrilled to align our coaching principles, expertise and experience with a women's based triathlon brand. In March 2019, Coach Christine Fletcher and Britni Bakk will help lead the DD Training Camp in Westlake, California. Thus far, the camp is almost full but if you are interested in attending, please reach out to us (Exact dates: March 15, 16, 17th).

Social Media: 

Instagram @DixieDevilSport and #DixieDevilSport & #DixieDevil.  Other Hashtags are tagline #thefirewithin and #HOT100.