Brite Coaching offers a one-to-one coached experience utilizing our methodology, including a training plan tailored to your daily schedule, and unlimited communication and feedback with your coach. 

Season Roadmap                  

Personal annual roadmap based on race calendar, training focus and goals.                                                

Training Program                                    

Workout schedule tailored to Race Plan, Hours Available and Typical Weekly Schedule.                                                            

Program Refinements                           

Refinements based on your race calendar, typical weekly training schedule, and hours of training available.                                                     

Advanced Program Refinements                        

Adjusted by your coach for factors such as fatigue, travel, and injury.

Functional Strength                                

Fully integrated Brite Coaching progressive strength program into each week of your training plan.    

Coach Selection                      

Brite meets or speaks (for international athletes) to each and every athlete coming on board with us to ensure the match between coach and athlete is optimized. This is one of the most important factors for success during a season.                                       

Feedback and Individual Guidance                     

Unlimited feedback and review with your coach. Training, performance and life is dynamic. When stuff comes up, we work with it and integrate changes to optimize not only your training but also your life.                                 

Regular Check-Ins                                   

Regular check-in with your coach to review roadmap, workouts and make adjustments as needed. This is just another way of saying, we communicate.                                                           

Custom Race Day Execution Planning                                  

Creation of personalized race plan including effort levels, fuelling, mindset and pacing.                                                        

Education & Empowerment                                  

Athletes that understand and believe in the process thrive. The more we can educate you as an endurance athlete, the more we can empower you.                                                  


Joining Brite Coaching means you also join a community of athletes. Whether its through our social media outlets, physical training sessions or training camps, we love engagement.            


Brite Coaches are well versed in nutrition however we also have access to and refer many athletes to Brite exclusive specialists for customized fuelling, hydration and nutritional requirements. Some athletes have underlying health conditions or syndromes that require a deep dive into managing training with health need. Brite Coaching will be there for you and add team members to the process as required. Additional fees may apply.                                  

Bike Fitting & Posture          

Comfort is power. Comfort and power come from a sound bike fit. Brite Coaching works with the best bike fitters in the country. We will ensure you are set up, comfortable and ultimately very powerful. Additional fees may apply.                            

Training Camps                      

Brite Coaching hosts theme based training camps that strive to educate athletes in areas far beyond training hours. Be it aerodynamics, fuelling, the mental game, recovery, strength or execution planning, we bring together specialists to share industry and sport knowledge with athletes.