Brite Coaching believes that nutrition is equal to if not more important than any other aspect of enhancing performance and leading a healthy and vibrant life.  As more athlete educate themselves about the important of nutrition and explore options, food types, fuel sources or philosophies of eating, Brite wants to support athletes in finding the nutrition plan and training racing fuel protocol that suits them best. Enter Inpyn Nutrition  as a partner of Brite Coaching and its athletes. 

Elizabeth Inpyn

The founder, creator and NAME behind INPYN Coach Elizabeth Inpyn has a long and successful career as an athlete and coach that began in the backyard pool, a three-lane, 25-yard lap pool.  An NCAA Division 1 distance swimmer and water polo player, she transitioned into triathlon after college and is a multiple podium finisher at the Olympic and 70.3 race distance and a USAT National Qualifier at the Olympic distance.

Coach Elizabeth has an undergraduate degree in Humanities from UCSB, an MA Education in Health Sciences and a CA Teaching Credential in Health Sciences and History.  In addition, she is a certified sports nutritionist from the ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition), holds a plant based nutrition certification from the T Collin Campbell Institute.  Inpyn is also EMT certified, including a certification in Water Search & Rescue.  

The daughter of a Navy Seal, and a cancer survivor, coach Elizabeth believes in giving back and has chosen to do so in many ways, including as a Swim Across America participant and Swim Angel, as a Tour De Cure participant, a Girls On The Run coach and community participant, a Run To Feed The Hungry participant, and a Farm To School Network state lead and race volunteer.


Investment:  $99.00/month
What the plan includes:

  • 4 week standard meal plan, 5 days/week, includes 3 meals/1-2 snacks per day. Plan is sent to clients each month.
  • Subscription to monthly newsletter.
  • Email access to Coach Inpyn.
  • Options to choose from include: Endurance athlete, strength athlete, weight loss goal, or medical condition.
  • Options are customized for males or females.  

Investment:  $249.00/month
What the plan includes:  

  • All BASIC plan items, plus.
  • Plans are customized weekly based upon training needs, schedule and dietary restrictions.
  • Shopping list for each week's meal plan.  
  • Recipes for each week's meal plan.
  • Initial 60-minute consultation call to establish goals ($75 value). 
  • Additional 30-minute call, per month, to discuss the program and your progress, available upon request.  

Investment:  $249.00/Plan*
What the RDNP includes: 

  • A variety of tests and exercises, leading up to the "A" race (or race of choice), designed to get the ultimate RDNP™, tailored for each individual client.  
  • Results will include an hour-by-hour analysis of how to fuel during the race.  
  • Coach Inpyn will conduct a post-race analysis to gauge success and athlete responsiveness.  
  • NOTE:  90-day lead time before desired race is required.  
  • NOTE*: $149.00 for ongoing advanced clients, $199.00 for ongoing basic clients, $249.00 for non-nutrition plan clients.  


For more information on how Inpyn works with athletes through Brite, please email either Christine or Elizabeth.