Brite Coaching believes that nutrition is equal to if not more important than any other aspect of enhancing performance and leading a healthy and vibrant life.  As more athlete educate themselves about the important of nutrition and explore options, food types, fuel sources or philosophies of eating, Brite wants to support athletes in finding the nutrition plan and training racing fuel protocol that suits them best. Below are who we work with in the field of nutrition:


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Emilee Goldberg Wise, Consultant
Nutrition ~ Pilates ~ Safe Beauty

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Emilee completing one of her many ultra-running events.

Emilee completing one of her many ultra-running events.

About Emilee

Certified Pilates Instructor/Therapist and Nutrition Consultant (Bauman College*) in Berkeley.  Emilee believes the body works as one unit and that it makes sense to treat the body holistically. Given this approach, she approaches each individual and their body as a puzzle to solve, every one being slightly different.  Maximum results come from a trusted team approach. The key questions she asks herself and you are:

How can we achieve optimal functionality and fitness and overall good health from the inside and out? 


Emilee has over 20 years of experience in competing in endurance sports, including motherhood, which has taught her first-hand about injuries, rehab, the vital role that nutrition and smart core strength play in our overall well-being!

Whether you are looking to heal your gut for sport performance, address energy related issues/concerns, analyze blood results, revamp your diet, maximize nutrient consumption, plan your day to day nutrition in-take or dial in your training/racing fuelling strategies, Emilee can assist with your needs.  Notably, Emilee approaches each individual with a view into their history, symptoms, lifestyle and stressors. Without a deep picture into the before, current and future goals, revamping a diet will be fruitless. 

*The Bauman Nutrition Consultant program is a holistic nutrition program focusing on healing the body with whole, organic, local foods.

Emilee is an ultra runner and part-time triathlete. She too pushes her body to extremes and has nutrition to heal, recover and maximize her health & vitality. 

Service Options:

Athlete Check-In Consultation                                                               

  • One 1-hour consultation / information meeting - where do we go from here?

Initial intake and nutritional analysis                                                   

  • Includes three 60 min. consultations to review history, current and future goals.
  • Health history/Evaluation
  • A 3 day food/exercise/sleep log filled out by client prior to 1st meeting
  • Nutritional analysis of food log
  • Emilee provides recommended foods to incorporate, supplement suggestions, and lifestyle "edits"
  • Email correspondence re: follow up recommendations         

Training & Fuelling Planning                                                                 

Once the gut and digestion is 100% healthy, it is time to start planning training and racing fuelling. 

  • Complete review of typical training and racing fuelling strategies to date.
  • Comprehensive review of what works for the athletes and what does not.
  • Recommendations for training and racing protocols (they may differ slightly) after trial and feedback.
  • Ongoing communication of results of fuelling protocols to tweak as required.
  • Post-race analysis to gauge success and athlete responsiveness.  
  • Note: for athletes that have done an initial in-take and nutritional analysis, there is a fee of $100 for a history review and intake consultation. It is highly recommended that athletes complete a nutritional analysis with Emilee prior to jumping into training and racing fuelling strategies.

Contact: for information specific to her services as well as pricing.