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Whistler, BC - June 30th to July 2nd


Brite Coaching is taking the Training Camp experience to the next level. No matter what your distance, race goal or level of experience, join us for a long weekend of learning how you can become a smarter, speedier and better triathlete in the name of gaining Free Speed.

Besides training hours in the lake, on the bike, and on the road, we will provide tricks and considerations for reducing your drag co-efficient against water, wind and gravity; create more space in your body for movement optimization; and focus on mental fortitude. This camp will demystify how ‘hard training triathletes’ discover faster paces without the added expense of energy or to your bank account.

A few years ago at the Ironman World Championships, Andy Potts (one of the winningest triathletes of all time) used Gatorskin tires in hopes of preventing a puncture. That decision is not the only one he regrets, as you will read here

Let us help you make smart decisions before race day.


Friday, June 30th to Sunday, July 2nd. REGISTER

Camp Fee:

$350.00 + GST


·      3 days of fully supported workouts

·      SAG support during rides

·      Fuelling provided

·      Free Speed Workshops with experts in friction, aerodynamics, mobility, hydration & mental training

·      Free speed mobility routines for each sport

·      Dinners on Friday & Saturday

·      Lunch on Sunday

·      Brite swim caps - and more Brite surprises

Not Included:

·      Accommodations (Brite has secured rates at Avaa Hotel in the village. Details below). Rate expires March 30, 2017

·      Breakfast & snacks

Thursday, June 29th - Athlete arrival

Mingle @ 7:00p.m. for virgin cocktails at Nita Lake Lodge

Friday, June 30th - Free Speed Swim & Mobility Day

Spend the morning at the lake...

The Pandora's Box of open water swimming begins our camp. Athletes will spend the morning in the water developing skills for sighting, drafting, navigating, entering, exiting, and wetsuit stripping. Coaches will answer any burning questions about the nuances of racing in open water. We will wrap the morning with a Dryland Swim Cords Workshop to finish off the shoulders. Athletes will leave with an ‘at home’ routine for integration into their everyday training. Swim cords will be provided.




Mobility Workshop - Gina Grain, Strength & Conditioning Coach

After rest, fuelling and hydrating, athletes will attend a mobility & activation workshop with Gina.  We will get into our bodies on the mat with a guided mobility and activation workshop all in the name of adding more space to our movement patterns to create free speed when we swim, bike and run. 

Mobility refers to your ability to move your body and limbs freely and painlessly through your desired movement. And because we endurance athletes tend to prioritize "conditioning" and ignore activities that don't make us breathe hard or feel the burn, mobility is possibly the most neglected basic ability in an endurance training program, especially for a high-volume athlete such as an Ironman triathlete. Let us help you change the way you perform with an increase in economy and balance as a result of having more mobility in your joints, tendons and ligaments. What you learn will surprise you. 

Gina's Background:

Certified Speed and Agility Coach
Some Athletic Achievements:

  • *2008 Canadian Olympian
  • *2006- Silver World Championship Medallist
  • *2004 US Pro Tour Champion
  • *2004- Ranked #1 Scratch Race Cyclist in the World Rankings
  • *7x Canadian National Champion
  • **Kelowna Little Apple finisher
  • **UBC Triathlon- 1st 


AeroDynamics with Nigel Kinny

Riff on how to make your bike a machine of speed with some small tweaks to the set up, tire selection, chains, bearings, head position, clothing and managing your power output. These tips could make or break your race. #andypotts

Nigel brings a wealth of knowledge:

  • B.A. in Political Science- Saint Michael’s College
  • M.A. in Political Science- SFU
  • PhD Candidate in Political Science at SFU
  • 16 years as a bicycle mechanic
  • Obsessive in his own position and bike setups both for road and TT
  • Years spent researching fastest positions and equipment
  • Performed road testing to confirm fastest positions and setups
  • Results from past 3 years in Cat 1/2
  • 41 Wins
  • Over 110 podiums

Saturday, July 1st - The Free Speed Brick Day

Spend the day on your bike and running off the bike...

This will be the big ass training day. Athletes will ride between 80-180km depending on their seasonal goals. SAG will be provided no matter what your distance or speed. The course will follow the Ironman and Half Ironman Canada route departing from Meadow Park Rec Centre. Athletes will transition to their run off the bike at Meadow Park. Support throughout the ride and in transitions will be provided, from fuel to gear drops to watching bikes. This is the day to get the miles in with little energy expended on logistics and organization - leave that to us. While some athletes may wish to ride together, this is not mandatory and everyone will be encouraged to ride their own pace and make the best of this opportunity.





Spend the evening together...

Spend valuable time with your campmates talking all things triathlon over good food and learning a thing or two about hydration and fuelling. Location to be disclosed at the camp.


Sunday, July 2nd - The Free Speed Run Day

Spend the morning running...


Athletes will meet in Lot 4 for a longer run session with support. Depending on your seasonal goals, runs will range from 15km to 30kms. Fuelling, hydrating, pacing and managing the monkey mind will be encouraged along the way. Post run athletes will enjoy a recovery brunch while the coaches cover Free Speed running topics. Did you know that sometimes walking is FASTER than shuffling? Do you understand how shoe selection & form affect your efficiency? We will shed light on how to conquer the infamous run off the bike.


The Mental Side of Sport - Christine Suter

Christine has been working with athletes of all abilities for the past 20 years as a BC Registered Massage Therapist, coach and personal trainer, and now as a mental performance consultant intern.   Christine has competed nationally and internationally in many sports, including water polo, outrigger canoeing and triathlon.

Her desire to become a better coach and work more with the mental side of sport, and performance in all facets of life, lead her to go back to school and pursue her Masters of Counselling Psychology, which she will complete in April 2018. 

For the past two years, Christine has volunteered with Douglas College Athletics men’s soccer and women’s volleyball teams as a mental performance consultant intern under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Laura Farres, a professor at Douglas College and Mental Performance Consultant with Mind in Motion Consulting.  

As an endurance athlete herself, she understands the mental demands of training for and competing in long endurance sports and how developing the skills and learning how to manage mental and emotional factors can help enhance performance.  

As athletes we all learn how to change a flat on our bike, make adjustments in the swim to find the right set of feet to follow and work on our nutrition to help ensure we get to the finish line.  What we miss is practicing the skills to manage our emotions, stay confident and motivated, control concentration and communicate well with our coaches. 

Christine’s goal as a mental performance consultant is to assist athletes in understanding where they are with their mental skills relative to their goals, help develop the skills to become a mentally tougher athlete to enhance performance, and develop athlete self-reliance.


Athletes will be invited to re-enter the real world on Sunday afternoon.



Please register for the Free Speed Camp HERE. Max Capacity is 20 athletes as we want to provide excellent value, training, insight, and service. 

We will be doing a pre-camp questionnaire to help determine fitness, nutrition, performance and other racing and training insights so we can offer the best possible camp experience for you individually as well as the group. 

If you have any questions, please send note to 


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