TRAIN SMART, CONQUER GOALS. Led by Christine Fletcher, Coach to Spirited Ultra-Endurance Athletes

What an incredible camp we all had in 2018! See you next year for how to set goals, visions and build a resilience body for ultra endurance training and racing. We will leave details of the camp on website for those interested.

In 2019, Brite Coaching will be hosting three camp opportunities:

  • Dixie Devils Training Camp, March 15th, 16th, 17th, 2019 (must apply). Women only. Westlake, California.

  • Mont Tremblant Endurance Camp, May 23rd to May 27th, 2019

  • Whistler Endurance Camp, June 7th, 8th and 9th, 2019

Fuelling the Hungry & Thirsty Endurance Athlete Training Camp

Friday, June 29th to Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Whistler, BC , Home of Ironman Canada and Ironman Canada 70.3

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We love to ride bikes, run for miles and swim endlessly. All that exercise takes energy! How are you fuelling and nourishing your body? Let’s talk about it and learn the latest findings in nutrition, health and hydration for ultra endurance athletes.

In 2017, Brite Coaching hosted a Free Speed Training Camp centred on strategies to find extra speed without more training (aerodynamics, mobility, mental state and form). This year, 2018, Brite Coaching’s Endurance Camp is 100% focused on Nutrition & Hydration, the cornerstones of ultra endurance training, performance and most importantly longevity in sport and in life.

Over the next 3 days, nutrition and hydration experts will share their knowledge surrounding diet, stress, sleep, gut health, hormones, electrolyte balance, hydration, inflammation, recovery and most importantly, how and why being a healthy human feeds into being a performing athlete. Before diving into training fuel and the variety of gel flavours, however, athletes will first learn why "being healthy" starts with your lifestyle, stress management, hormone balance, sleep, cognitive alertness and daily nutrition.  Let's face it, to race for 5 to 17 hours requires alignment within the body, mind and spirit. We are a closed unit which means if we have an imbalance in one area it will likely affect other areas. Our goal is to help you strive for optimal wellness with empowerment of knowledge and implementation. 

Join us for three days of awesome training on the Ironman Canada and Ironman Canada 70.3 courses intermixed with daily seminars and workshops specific to performance thanks to not only great training but also personalized nutrition and hydration that will keep you in the sport, focused on life’s daily tasks, optimizing your body composition and recovering from deep stress for many years to come. 


Thursday, June 28th - Athlete arrival into Whistler to settle in, unpack and enjoy an evening out in village or at your condo. If you need anything or have any questions, coaches will be available to help you get organized for the weekend. The camp officially starts Friday morning.

FRIDAY, June 29th

THE AEROBIC SYSTEM MORNING                                                     8:00a.m. to ~12:00p.m.

Friday morning – 2-4km Lake Swim from Rainbow Park ~8:00 a.m.

Catalyst Aquatics will be on water providing open water tips and cues to swimmers.

Friday mid-morning – 8-11km run on Whistler Village Trails to shake out the legs and visit the second transition location of the Ironman 70.3 and full distance event.


THE HUNGRY, HEALTHY & THIRSTY ATHLETE SEMINAR                 2:30 to ~5:00p.m.


-       What It Means To Be A Healthy Endurance Athlete, Emilee Wise

-       Quick Stretch

-       How To Properly Hydrate with Precision Hydration, Sean O'Mahony

-       Quick Stretch

-       How To Fuel For The Big Training Day

Athletes have a free night to explore the village, shop, rest and prepare for the big training day.

Location: Spruce Grove FieldHouse

Parking is free and available to all athletes!


SATURDAY, June 30th

FUEL PRACTICE BRICK DAY                                                                7:30a.m. till…(5-7hour training day)

Saturday morning – meet at Spruce Grove Field House to drop run gear and nutritional needs for the ride/RUN. Parking will be in overflow parking lot. Bike Tech will be on hand to help athletes with bike needs and taking any essentials throughout the day.

Athletes wishing to discuss/review fuel plan for the day with the nutritionist/coaches may arrive at 7:00a.m. (please coordinate with our team prior to arriving in the morning. If no one shows, we won’t show!).

AID Stations will be set up at Spruce Grove and the Stonebridge turnaround with Bike Tech roaming the field. Be sure to bring extra fuel and cash in case you need an emergency stop along the way and are not near an aid station.

Athletes will have the choice to ride the entire course or portions of based on goals, fitness and ability. Please confirm your distance with coaches for safety and timing purposes.

Athletes wishing to run off the bike will transition at Spruce Grove for a 30-45min run based on goals, fitness and ability. All gear will be at Spruce Grove waiting the completion of the ride. Bikes will be secure while athletes are running.

Free Night to recover, sleep early and get some nutrition in for the next day of training!

Emilee Wise, Nutritionist, will be on hand to review your day of fuelling and hydration to assist athletes refine, define and plan for the next outing! 

SUNDAY, July 1st

FUEL PRACTICE LONG RUN DAY                                                        8:30a.m. till… (4-5hour training day)

Athletes will ride a portion of the 70.3 course as a primer to their long run. Transition will take place at Spruce Grove Field House (parking in overflow lot). All athletes will transition to a longer run of the IMC and IMC 70.3 run course. Distances will vary based on goals, ability and fitness.  AID stations will be set up at Spruce Grove, Nicholas North Golf Course and Green Lake Lookout. Please carry supplemental fuel that you might personally like to have on hand. The long run is an opportunity to test out how you feel after 3 days of training and depleting your glycogen stores coupled with a jostling tummy.

After the long run, athletes are invited to book a one on one consultation with Emilee Wise (up to 5 consultations can be booked for the afternoon). Those wishing to book a future consultation with Emilee can be done remotely via Skype.

Optional recovery swim to follow the run or pack up and hit the road full of new information about health, hydration, nourishment.


Friday, June 29th to Sunday, July 1st. 

Camp Fee:

$400.00 + GST

Cancellation Policy:

Full refund if more than 45 days prior to the camp. 50% if 30 days prior to the camp.


  • 3 days of fully supported workouts

  • SAG support during rides/runs/swims

  • Limited fuelling (athletes are encouraged to bring what works for them & what they plan to use on race day)

  • Seminars & Workshops with experts in gut health, digestion, nutrition, fuelling and hydration (invaluable education to help you prepare for the performance of a lifetime).

Not Included:

  • Accommodations

  • One on one appointment with the nutritionist to discuss and review your personalized fuelling plan, digestion concerns or daily nutrition protocols. Appointments can be set up prior to the camp. Details TBC.

  • Precision Hydration Test. Tests can be set up prior to the camp. Details TBC.



Max Capacity is 20 athletes as we want to provide excellent value, training, insight, and service. 

If you have any questions, please send note to