You Matter

You Matter.

As the year comes to an end, high performing individuals are presented with the wonderful opportunity of reflecting back and mulling over what we achieved, what we learned and how our experiences will shape us going into the next year. 

Never a day goes by that, as a coach to high performers driven in sport, career, family and community, do I not find myself reflecting on the awesomeness of commitment and dream seeking passion sought by all the athletes Brite Coaching is so fortunate to partner and work with. So first I would like to express incredible gratitude for entrusting your athletic (and often times personal & emotional) journey with us. It's been nothing short of training breakthroughs, wild highs, epic lows, vast and diversity endurance racing literally around the Globe, in-field lessons and off course contemplation.  Not one journey is the same and not one athlete "gets it" the first time. Most importantly, everyone's story matters...especially to us.

During the first week of December, myself along with Coaches Britni Bakk and Liz Cullen ventured to Palm Desert to support a crew of over 20 Brite Athletes racing the new 70.3 event. With Britni and I running support on the side lines and Liz in the trenches (securing a spot to Nice 70.3 World Championships as 1st Female in her AG), we were each presented with a unique view into the strides taken by so many athletes and the amazing creation of a Brite community brought together by a lifestyle of endurance sport. 

As we head into the holidays, please find a small window of time to reflect on what you have accomplished and how, if any, changes you will make in 2019. Reflect on what keeps you going in this sport. Reflect on what you need as a dynamic individual to stay in the game, stay inspired, stay disciplined and remain connected to what matters to you, holistically. It's the outcome of these thoughts and values that come rushing into your mind at start lines or at the end of a long event or when the alarm goes off at 5a.m. Get laser focused on showing up for the process of building endurance, resilience, stamina and strength. Be specific when it matters and playful when it doesn't. Avoid random exercise in strong favour of progressive training. This mentality alone will reap dramatic and glaring results.

Let me conclude with two key points before we wrap 2018 and enter a fresh year.  The first is: if you have yet to pick up a pencil and scribble your 2019 intentions (aka: goals), please spend some time doing so. After your first stab at it, brainstorm with your coach or mentor for a little more direction. The exactness of what or how you want your year to play out is less relevant than starting the scribbling process. Shapes will form and desires will spill out. 

The second point is: refresh your commitment to using your training diary.  As trite as it may seem, the training log is invaluable to you firstly and to your coach secondly. Be reflective in your comments and leave out random distractions or, for some, convenient excuses. Be honest, be helpful, be insightful, be creative, be thoughtful and be constructive. Use your training log as intentionally as you might be any other time of the year to gain insights into what you are capable of and what you are noticing about your fitness, fatigue and progress. From beginners to Olympic level athletes, those who reflect daily in a log (or diary) create space to perform and clarity in their abilities. 

Lots on tap for 2019 from new partnerships namely with GarneauBlended for YouBike Tech & Dixie Devil, training camps unfolding, educational clinics, new racing opportunities and virtual platforms to keep you entertained indoors. Keep your communication coming along with best efforts day in day out. You matter.