What's Your Word?

A friend of mine asked me what my goals were for 2018.  She wisely suggested we write them out, put ourselves out there, make them sticky and give them life. Her note to me was heartfelt. It was only after much self reflection, awareness and inward observations that she did come up with her word to encapsulate her theme for 2018.  Everything would flow from that word, that essence, that feeling she wanted to create for herself day in, day out. 



Contemplations like this always make me think of Brite athletes as they diligently train for races, balance family, be responsible at work and nurture intimate relationships. How do we pull it all together? How do we create the life we truly want to live? How can we live out our passion while being there for all the special moments, meetings, celebrations and people in our lives?  How can we become more present for both our training and everything else that matters?  How can we commit to greatness and all the elements that are part of that ecosystem including failure and letting go? There may not be one simple answer but surely connecting to an essence, a purpose and perhaps a word will set us on our way. 


If we do nothing else in the early days of 2018, we can at least ask ourselves how we can BE more vs. DO more. So may I ask you, what is your word(s)?


"We are far more than what we do...we need to be more...more authentic...more honest...more present...more grounded...let the doing flow from there. When that happens extraordinary things happen." - Dr. Michael Gervais, Sports Psychologist and Entrepreneur (Compete to Create).