One More Decision I Don't Need to Make

I'll start with a podcast I recently listened to between Tim Ferris and Seth Godin. I have never really followed Tim Ferris much. He impresses, go figure. Seth impresses even more. I love his clarity, vocabulary, insights, brilliance and vision. I also love his principles around value, time and how to use precious resources, namely time. Tim asks his what he eats for breakfast. Seth replies "ah, one more decision I don't have to make...I have a frozen banana, hemp seeds...ever single morning." Seth talks about his top audiobooks (including one of his own). Of course I scurried to the world wide web to look them up and order. That's how much I trust his option. He says they each "cause something to flip in your head" and prepare you to take your life in a new direction. Check out the list here.

Athletes, business executives, grandmothers, writers, everyone will gain some insights into the world around them by listening to this interview. Seth is paid to "notice" things. As athletes, we must notice things about ourselves, how we process our training load, how we balance our time with training, work, relationships and family and how we experience other athletes that we train with or are surrounded by.  The more we can shed pressure and useless drains of our energy, the more on task and fulfilled our athletic journey will be.