Let's Begin


For years (I mean 20 of them), I have been training indoors on a bicycle. From spin classes in the 80's to wind trainer rides with Troy Jacobson (Spinervals) in my living room to computrainer sessions in my garage mixed with indoor cycling workouts at my own studio. Environment and entertainment has been a big part of getting through these sessions. I used to listen to carefully crafted playlists or invite sorry suckers over to sweat, chatter and bond. When Spinervals came along, I had Coach Troy and his televised clan to bond with. Over time, I started to train more and more on my computrainer for the power feedback and consistency of training stimulus. Music started to bore me or irritate me if the beat wasn't just right for the tempo of my heart beat. So I turned to podcasts, Ted Talks and some times...audiobooks. Some days, I will listen to 3-5 podcasts on subjects of interest. It's a two in one - build fitness and learn. No time wasted. Every once in a while, I listen to an interview that changes my perspective. I've had many ah-ha moments at 200watts and always yearn to share that new learning with the people I care about. In this blog, I will share with you the amazing podcast episodes I have heard, books I have read or people that have rocked my world. Maybe, just maybe, they will rock yours too.