This season has wrapped. the new 2017/2018 will be announced soon!


Brite Coaching has been offering purposeful and progressive indoor cycling training sessions to the athletic endurance community in the heart of Vancouver for the past two seasons. Rides have always been coached by experienced cyclists, seasoned athletes and expert cycling coaches.  Athletes have come to expect performance based workouts, cadence and efficiency work, positional cues and getting comfortable being uncomfortable.  None of that will change for 2016/17 however the format will!

Brite Coaching is excited to introduce the TaG Cycling Training Studios and Programs to Brite's athletes and community for the 2016/17 winter indoor cycling training program. In order to elevate Brite's ongoing offering, we will be welcoming our community to TaG Cycling, leaders in Cycling Coaching and the indoor cycling sphere servicing novice to elite level athletes.

TaG Cycling and Brite adopt the same training philosophies and principles when preparing athletes for their optimum performance and using indoor sessions for specific and highly effective training response.  

Brite looks forward to introducing its community to the TaG Cycling ridership, top notch coaches, spacious studios and carefully crafted training format called TaGCycle. All riders receive an initial complimentary session complete with a comprehensive bike set up, pedal selection and opportunity to record their power, heart rate, cadence and time on their own training device. Brite's founder Christine Fletcher and Brite coaches will be coaching out of the Vancouver studio. On behalf of Brite and TaG Cycling, we look forward to bringing our communities together for good times on bike all winter!  

TaG Cycling was founded by Canadian Olympians Lesley Tomlinson, Gina Grain and Chrissy de Vall. There are three locations: North Vancouver, Vancouver and Whistler each owned and operating year round by the TaG Partners. The studios use exclusively Cyclops Phantom 3 bikes. 


  • Each ride includes a warm up, interval set and cool down, accompanied with awesome tunes and a rad attitude.
  • Riders select their bike from a fleet of Cycleops Phantom 3 stationary bikes. Each bike is equipped with display screens featuring: ride time, power/watts, RPM (cadence), distance, and heart rate.
  • Seat height and handlebars are fully adjustable to achieve your optimum riding position.
  • TaG requests new riders arrive early for a comprehensive bike fit with the coach.
  • Riders can either use their own cycling shoes to “clip-in” to the pedals. 
  • Bikes are equipped with professional road bike saddles for assimilation to riding a road/mountain bike.
  • Fresh workout towels and filtered water provided.
  • Showers available at all TaG studio locations.

About TAG Rides

Each week the workouts are specifically made to improve your fitness and develop specific physiological systems that prepare you for the demands of cycling and many other sports.  Workouts are tailored to the individual by offering a fitness “test” called a Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP) test (after an orientation session).  This test is not to determine “if” you are fit, but rather to determine the wattages that apply to you personally, which will improve your fitness.

TaGCycle™ Classic

This class is designed to accelerate your cycling level and help you achieve your goals.  60 minutes includes a warm-up, the workout portion and a cool down. The workout portion is intervals that follow a progressive format and periodized structure. The intervals are designed to address your needs for development in cycling specific zones and technique. Work will be done in specific power zones based on the Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP) test that is done at one of your first classes. TaGCycle Classic includes an MAP Test in your package. The test is taken during a regular class . Typically 2 Coaches are in class. One on the bike guiding and motivating you through the workout, and one on the floor guiding you through the computer and assisting with your hydration and any additional needs.


75-90 minute classes that are designed for cyclists with some history in training and the ability to “enjoy” or appreciate a harder class. Expect a longer and harder session than you would find elsewhere. Highly recommended for riders looking for effective training for race goals and personal bests . But don’t shy away if you are game to try. Anyone is welcome! This class is geared towards those wanting a more challenging format structured by a periodized plan. Riders will be pushed slightly harder than in a regular TaGCycle class.  DDay includes a Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP) Test to determine training zones. Those numbers will be your guideline to train like the Pro’s!

TaGCycle™ Fit (Whistler Studio Only)

This class is directed towards individuals interested primarily in the fitness benefits of TaG Cycling.   This is the optimal TaG choice if you enjoy working out on the bike with some cycling direction without it being the priority. Cycling to get Fit. A 50min class focused on perceived exertion with guidance on wattage zones..   There will be one coach on the bike to guide you through the efforts and for motivation. Any rider can request a Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP) test to verify their numbers or determine training zones, particularly if moving on to regular TaGCycle classes.


Visit the TaG website to create an account and choose your class